British GirlIf you’re a man who is open to the idea of dating someone outside of your nationality, but you’re struggling to decide if you should date a sexy Latin senorita, a Ukrainian princess or a Russian seductress, maybe what you really need is a British bombshell.

Here are 5 reasons why you should contemplate the possibility of dating a British girl.

1) British Girls Have Class

Due to the fact that most British girls grow up with royalty all of their lives, one of the things that was instilled within them was class. British women are very ladylike and practice good table etiquette. It’s also worth noting that they are extremely well mannered and respectable as well. As such, if you’re the kind of individual who likes the finer things in life such as fine dining, then a British date who knows good table etiquette would be an ideal match for you.

2) They Love Men With Foreign Accent

British Sexy BrunetteWhile other females may dislike foreign accents, British women love foreign accents. Whether you may be from Russia, Germany, Kenya or Jamaica, many British women agree that men with foreign accents are interesting. This is due to the fact that they have a fascination for foreign articulation.

3) Incredibly Polite

Let’s be honest for a second. Most females of today’s world are vicious, mean and anything but polite. British women on the other hand, are very aware of the emotions of others and as such, tend to be more polite than any other kind of woman. If a British female accidentally bumps into you, rest assured that she will apologize. That is something you will never hear about a woman from New York, if she bump into you, she might blame you for it! The reason why they are so polite is partially based on the fact that just like class and good table etiquette, punctuality and politeness are instilled within them as a child. Said in simpler terms they don’t like to make a scene. As such, other envious woman may talk bad about British women but the one thing you can never call a British female is a disrespectful drama queen.

4) Great Sense Of Humor

One of the qualities that most British women possess is a great sense of humor. This is due to the fact that British children literally grow up watching comedy legends. British women are known for their love of sarcasm, their wit and cracking sense of humor. Life is too short to be too serious all the time. A British girlfriend can help to uplift your mood after a long and stressful day at work.

5) Warm, Friendly And Inviting

That confident chick who looks mean all the time is fun and everything, but you know what I really love, women who portray a warm, genuine and welcoming aura. Thus is the major beauty that lies within the hearts and minds of most British girls. They tend to wear their heart on their sleeves. But interestingly enough, this is a part of their seductive charm.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A British Girl